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Learning Log – Wikis

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This Wiki is an interesting physical education / health page which touches on several important areas.  Some examples are Teaching and learning Guidelines, Resources, Professional Development Overview, Beginner Teachers Page, Scholarship Physical Education Page, NCEA information and resources.

I immediately honed in on the “Beginner Teacher Page” and saw some good stuff concerning KWL charts, engaging activities for students, as well as workshop information for beginner teachers.

I found this Wiki by looking for something that incorporated technology into physical education, because this is a serious sticking point in P.E. After looking this site over, I realized it was a class wiki called “RE Technology 441.  There are assignments listed and it actually looked a lot like our current learning technologies class, but focuses on physical education and technology.  Pretty neat!

The above wiki is the location for East Middle School, but I couldn’t find out where its location was.  After navigating through the pages, I found information on what uniforms students should wear, attendance protocol, rules and regulations, and their school motto.  There were also pictures of the physical education department teachers and some more general information.  I thought it was neat that this school was following through on integrating technology into physical education.  This Wiki is similar to the module 4.0 lesson plan assignment that I completed, which required students to create a wiki page and stay informed by monitoring the class wiki page.  Neat!

I copied two links from the above wiki space.  The top one is the actual Wiki space for Ms. Carmon, a physical education teacher at a North Atlanta elementary school.  On her home page, there are instructions on how to download a video, pedometer and heart rate exploration, creating a podcast, and numerous other links that help stimulate ideas and provide instruction on technology in physical education.  This is cutting edge stuff for a physical educator, which is inspiring to me.  Ms. Carmon states “MY PASSION IS FINDING MEANINGFUL AND ENGAGING WAYS TO INTEGRATE TECHNOLOGY INTO PHYSICAL EDUCATION TO SUPPORT AND ENHANCE MY CURRICULUM.”   That’s very bold and difficult for a physical educator, and I will definitely keep an eye on her Wiki.

The second link is an article the editor of the Wiki completed called “Integrating Technology in Elementary Physical Education.”  She has several ideas as well as links to numerous websites that help provide resources for integrating technology into P.E. 


Wiki Lesson Plan, SLM508

I recently finished my lesson plan to integrate technology into the physical education classroom, as well as follow the various standards out there for the classroom.  It is hard to include technology into physical education, as there is limited opportunities because the classroom is a gymnasium, where students are expected to move.  Therefore, I used a homework assignment integrated into a heart rate monitor lesson, which fit the bill well.  This way students would be getting activity but would also find out how cool heart rate monitors are.  They also would integrate the ALA/AASL criteria as well as Maryland Physical Education Standards into the assignment.

Throughout this course, I have been extremely challenged for time and energy.  This final assignment came right down to the wire, and I went over budget by 1.5 hours because I couldn’t get out of work in time.  I feel I have learned many valuable lessons here so far, and I really think I can integrate the lesson I created into a future physical education class.   So I’m signing off at 1:30 a.m….have a presentation at 8:30 tomorrow a.m.  Good night Learning Technologies!

Social & Collaborative Media Voicethread

This is my voicethread which can be used to help educators understand some ways to incorporate social and collaborative media in their classrooms.  It is not meant to be an all-encompassing reflection.  It is meant to stimulate educators to embrace the technology that is available to us. 

It took quite some time to complete this assignment, and although not perfect, I hope you enjoy what I have put together.  Thanks.

Google Doc – Mark Coleman

This is my Google Doc which you can comment on about my favorite social networking tool.  Feel free to contribute and tell me what you think.  ~Mark

Learning Log – I Google

So here is my screenshot of I Google.  I found this concept very interesting, as it gives the educator a platform to organize their important web pages, emails, and other accounts.  As a physical educator, I would have, my email accounts, and pages of associations I belong here.  It is particularly applicable in this class, since we have so manhy web pages and accounts we are responsible for.  I Google allows us to keep all these things in one place.  I thought it was interesting that I Google will be done away with in 2013….not sure why, but just when you get used to a good thing……

Flickr Galleries

This gallery is of runners at a 5K.  The athletes are all wearing racing suits and are extremely motivated to finish!  I think these pictures would be helpful to motivate and educate young students to run and exercise.  Some of these pictures are of very good amateur athletes I know who have done very well nationally.  I could explain this to my students, which would “wow” them and get them excited to exercise.

This is my digital Production, which is an introduction to soccer.  It is intended for middle school students. 

After completing my middle school practicum a couple semesters ago, I was surprised to see how many students knew nothing about soccer.  Therefore, a slideshow / movie such as this would be a great introduction into a soccer unit.  It is basic enough to not overwhelm students who are new to soccer.  However, it also covers all the important areas of the sport, ranging from rules to player positions.  The pictures would help pique the students interest as well as give them a vidual representation of what a particular skill in soccer looks like.